• ROUSH / ESCORT RedLine Radar Detector Giveaway

    Have a chance to win an ESCORT Redline Radar Detector! Introducing RedLine—the baddest detector on the road. The ESCORT team of engineers has created the most sensitive radar/laser detector period. continue reading
  • Fall Colors, Fast 5XR

    Fall in Michigan is a beautiful time. The only thing nicer than the red, yellow and orange leaves is a ROUSH Mustang running along a windy back road with the rumbling exhaust cracking the crisp autumn air. continue reading
  • ROUSH CleanTech Driving Alternative Fuels and Propane Forward

    Jack Roush, takes his track knowledge to the streets today with the announcement of a brand new venture bearing his well established brand - ROUSH CleanTech, an environmentally-sound company destined to provide clean, “green” transportation fueled by propane and other alternative fuel options. continue reading
  • The Collection That Jack Built (Mustang Monthly)

    'I never saw a Mustang I didn't like,' Jack Roush tells us as we stroll past the line of Mustangs in his Livonia, Michigan, auto collection. Of course, that statement incorporates not only Mustang automobiles, from the '64 1/2 hardtop he bought brand-new to the '11 NASCAR Nationwide Mustangs. continue reading
  • 2011 ROUSH Stage 2 Takes on the "Dragon"

    Grab a seat and take a ride through just a few of the 318 curves on the famous “Tail of the Dragon” in Tennessee in a 2011 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang. Although it is just 11-miles in length, this road has eaten more than its fair share of cars and motorcycles over the years. continue reading

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