Owner Stories

  • Owner Story: Rebuilding a 427R Overseas

    I bought a used 2007 427R ROUSH Mustang that had already been shipped over seas -- it's the one and only of its kind here in my country. continue reading
  • Build Story: Making the Black Jack Blacker!

    I have been making the engine bay on my 09 Black Jack Blacker since I got it a year ago. I have had it on 4 different tracks and it still looks brand new. continue reading
  • ROUSH Build Story: Stripes

    We decided it needed a little something, especially from the rear of the car, so we ordered stripes from you for the top, trunk & spoiler, and an additional top stripe kit to do the front and rear bumpers. We have had nothing but good comments and are attaching pictures to show you how it came out. continue reading
  • A Pair of P-51s

    Check out the latest ROUSHtv video on "A Pair of P-51s" - a couple of special, one-of-a-kind P-51 Mustangs. continue reading
  • You Might Be a ROUSH Owner If...

    You Might Be a ROUSH Owner If... There are a lot of signs that you might be the owner of a ROUSH Mustang. Among them: continue reading

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