• This ROUSH Parts Display is a GAS

    ROUSH recently updated their parts display at Galpin Auto Sports, otherwise known as GAS, which is one of the largest parts centers in California and part of the largest Ford dealer in the United States. GAS not only sells the parts, but can also install them on your vehicle if you choose. continue reading
  • "MuscleCar" to Install ROUSH Body Kit on Saturday’s SPIKE TV "PowerBlock"

    The PowerBlock segment on SPIKE television is one of the most widely viewed, car-centric programming available, and “MuscleCar” will be working with ROUSH parts this weekend. continue reading
  • Stage 3 Stoppers (Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords)

    "The final step in transforming our long-term Roush Stage 2 Mustang test car was to improve upon its braking capabilities by installing Roush Performance Products two-piece brake kit. We also took the opportunity to throw in Roush's short-throw shifter as well." continue reading
  • 2010 Mustang GT Reaps Cheap Cold Air Benefits (RideLust)

    Based on the sales success of the new Mustang, the large pool of Mustangs on the road poses a real incentive for offering aftermarket parts and accessories, which includes a new cold air kit by Roush. Not that the new 2010 Ford Mustang GT and its 315 horses are in need of horsepower help, but when power can be increased so easily. continue reading
  • ROUSH Install Center

    Give your vehicle the ultimate in performance upgrades at the ROUSH Install Center. Upgrades at this shop are performed by official ROUSH technicians. So, you can rest assured that they know the ins and outs of each part that's branded ROUSH. At the ROUSH Install center, you can have your vehicle upgraded with: continue reading

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