• ROUSH Adds E-Series Vans to Propane Line-Up (Butane-Propane News)

    Order banks are now open for the propane-fueled Roush E-150, E-250, and E-350 Ford vans. Production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2010, and Roush will offer fuel conversion solutions for both passenger and cargo van applications. continue reading
  • What Would Hank Hill Think (

    It was strange to drive by gas stations coming back from Detroit and realizing that we would not be able to get fuel at most of them. So we stopped in for a rest, a sandwich, and nothing else. This truck used the first few gallons of what will be thousands of gallons of cleaner propane that we will burn over the next 12 months. continue reading
  • Competitive Lawn Service Switches to Propane Video

    There is a new video on ROUSHtv. Eric Hansen from Competitive Lawn Service, Inc. in Downers Grove, Ill. comes by the ROUSH factory to pick up his brand-new Propane-powered Ford F-350 and to talk about the benefits of switching to propane. continue reading
  • Competitive Lawn Service Takes Keys to First ROUSH Under-Bed Propane F-350

    Competitive Lawn Service is on a quest to run their business 100 percent on propane. They already have the mowers, the trimmers, and their other power tools running on this alternative fuel. The key missing element was the truck which hauls all this equipment to the customer. continue reading
  • ROUSH Adds E-Series Vans to Propane Vehicle Lineup

    Based on the tremendous reception for the propane-fueled pickups offered by ROUSH Performance, the company is launching into the next phase of their liquid propane injected vehicle offerings with a line of E-Series vans. continue reading

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