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  • Roush Performance Introduces New Fuel-Injected 402IR

    It's finally here! The 402IR. Roush Engineers and Calibrators have spent the last 18 months designing, perfecting, and tuning the ultimate 500HP-500Ft. Lb 402 CU Fuel Injected Stroker. The combination of the Weber-Style 8-Stack Fuel Injected Induction System and proven engine performance will turn heads with its appearance and performance. continue reading
  • Lo and Behold - A New Breed of Sports Car Emerges (Car Collector Magazine)

    The theme of this issue is Muscle and Performance, so we went looking for a future collector car that not only offered aggressive styling and exhilarating performance, but also one that would be limited in production. Let us introduce you to the next future collector car; the Roush Mustang 380R Convertible. continue reading
  • Event Recap: Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration

    The legend of the Ford Mustang began on April 17 th, 1964, when the first Ford Mustang rolled off the line at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. So intrigued with the Mustang at the time, Jack Roush, then starting a career as an engineer at Ford Motor Company, purchased one of his first new cars – a Ford Mustang. continue reading
  • SEMA 2004 Ford Puts On A Show

    Click here to view press coverage about ROUSH: SEMA 2004 Ford Puts On A Show continue reading
  • Elegance Meets Performance

    Click here to view press coverage about ROUSH: Elegance Meets Performance continue reading

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