2013 / 2014 ROUSH Off-Road Raptor

2013 / 2014 ROUSH Off-Road Raptor



ROUSH® Performance returns to the truck market with the ROUSH OFF-ROAD F-150 SVT Raptor. The 2013 / 2014 ROUSH OFF-ROAD Raptor features the new Phase 2 Supercharger Kit for the 6.2L engine that produces a whopping 590HP and 590lb-ft of torque. That’s a gain of 179hp and 156 lb-ft of torque over the factory base performance!

"It’s great to be back in the truck game again," said Tim Wheeler, VP of Sales and Marketing of ROUSH Performance. "The Raptor is an outstanding truck to begin with, add a ROUSHcharger and things only get better!"

The ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger kit is designed to work with 2011 to current F-150 6.2L V8 powertrain, as is standard in the Ford SVT Raptor. At the core of the ROUSH Phase 2 system is the R2300 Supercharger featuring Eaton’s TVS® technology rotating assembly. Combining the Eaton TVS internals with a ROUSH designed supercharger housing, unique intake manifolds, high-flow fuel injectors, oversized air-to-water intercooler system, cold air induction and a ROUSH-engineered EO-level calibration allows the ROUSH system to squeeze maximum horsepower and torque out of the base 6.2L-V8 while keeping factory drivability and durability.

Additional OFF-ROAD powertrain equipment include a dual tip, rear exit, performance tuned, cat back exhaust system that flows more air that stock and creates a throaty exhaust rumble that will make others envious. The pipes are muffler are made from high grade 409 stainless steel and polished from the muffler back. The tips are made from 304 stainless steel and are chrome flashed instead of chrome plated as conventional chrome plating uses layers of bonded chemicals to achieve its shiny appearance, which are susceptible to cracking and flaking especially when exposed to high temperatures (like exhaust). However, the chrome flashing used in this system is bonded micro-porously to the metal surface, and is as a result impervious to cracking from localized damage. This method of chroming is also resistant to heat color change.

Interior upgrades include ROUSH embroidered leather headrests, a ROUSH vent pod and ROUSH LED lit boost/vacuum gauge. Exterior branding consists of a front "ROUSH" windshield banner and the "ROUSH OFF-ROAD" Bed Decals for this off-road ride. There are also optional equipment available including "splash" side-bed graphics and a ROUSH branded Revolution soft tonneau cover made by ExTang.

The 2013 / 2104 ROUSH OFF-ROAD package is a non-serialized vehicle but still comes standard with ROUSH’s 3-year / 36,000 mile complete vehicle warranty. Please consult your local ROUSH Dealer for order information.

Core Components

  • ROUSHcharged Phase 2 - 6.2L Powertrain System (590 hp / 590 ft-lb)Includes TVS 2.3L ROUSHcharger intake manifolds, intercooler & radiator, air induction system and ROUSH Phase 2 calibrated ECM
  • ROUSH 6.2L Rear Exit High Performance Exhaust System
  • ROUSH Front Windshield Banner
  • ROUSH OFF-ROAD Bed Decals
  • ROUSH Embroidered Leather Head Rests
  • ROUSH Gauge Vent Pod
  • ROUSH LED Boost/Vacuum Gauge

Optional Components

  • ROUSH Side Bed Graphics - Matte Black
  • ROUSH Branded Revolution Soft Tonneau by ExTang

40 Years and Counting

The storied history of ROUSH Performance began over 40 years ago with the founding of Jack Roush Performance Engineering, and we’re still growing.