• The first 2022 ROUSH Ranger!

    Production for the 2022 ROUSH Ranger has begun! Each ROUSH Ranger begins life as a 2022 Ford Ranger 301A or 302A XLT equipped with the 2.3L EcoBoost engine. As it makes its way through the assembly line we add some exterior components such as the signature ROUSH grille with built-in dual LED light bars, Magnetic Gray fender flares with accent lighting and functional fender vent badging. In this article, we are highlighting the first 2022 ROUSH Ranger to make its... continue reading
  • Introducing the ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit!

    The ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit has arrived! Traditionally we have assembled our vehicles here at Livonia, MI. but for the Ford Bronco, we are trying something a bit different. Each Bronco R Series Kit can be shipped to your local authorized ROUSH Dealer or to your front door!  The ROUSH Bronco R Series Kit fits all 2021-2022 Ford Broncos equipped with the 2.3L or 2.7L powertrain. This includes all trim levels and chassis configurations (2-door or 4-door) What does... continue reading
  • The first 2022 ROUSH Super Duty!

    This week we launched the 2022 ROUSH Super Duty. Trucks have started rolling down the assembly line earlier this week. We wanted to show you the very first serial 0001 '22 ROUSH Super Duty! 22.0001.SD ROUSH Super Duty is Agate Black with our ROUSH Silver Hood Graphics option. Signature ROUSH styling can be found bumper-to-bumper on the '22 ROUSH Super Duty. The durable injection-molded ROUSH Grille demands your attention with integrated dual LED light bars and an aggressive front bumper... continue reading
  • Always Capable | ROUSH Trucks

    Always Capable | ROUSH Trucks We wanted to give our ROUSH Truck owner’s some information regarding towing capabilities of their ROUSH vehicles. We know a majority of our ROUSH Truck owners enjoy using their vehicles for everyday activities such as towing their boat to the lake or hauling supplies to the next job site. With that being said, we are always striving to give our customers the best driving experience possible. On our ROUSH Truck program, we are proud to... continue reading
  • 2021 ROUSH Performance Vehicles Lineup

    Explore our full lineup of 2021 ROUSH vehicles! We hope the information below gets you excited enough to visit your local ROUSH dealer to schedule a test drive today! • 2021 ROUSH Super Duty• 2021 ROUSH Ranger• 2021 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang• 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang 2021 ROUSH F-150 - Excitement on Any Terrain The ROUSH F-150 returned for the 2021 model year with an all-new look! Each 2021 ROUSH F-150 is built on a 302A or 502A Ford F-150 equipped with the... continue reading

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