2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang

2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang



Jack Roush is a man who knows how to coax horsepower from an engine. He has built an automotive powerhouse in ROUSH based on this simple premise, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands, and his engineering team, on the new Ford 5.0L engine. The end result, and the car fans of the ROUSH Mustang have been waiting for, is the 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang with "more power" under the hood thanks to the factory-installed ROUSHcharger®.

Make no mistake, the 2011 ROUSH 5XR is a runner. With the R2300 ROUSHcharger installed the 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang will sport an "extreme" 525 horsepower under the hood, along with an "exciting" 465 lb.-ft. of torque. To keep the "exclusivity" high, there will be a maximum of just 150 units of the 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang built, each with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty on the powertrain and ROUSH components. The 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang is available in a coupe or convertible, but only with a six-speed manual transmission.

"I'm always excited to get an opportunity to work on a new engine, and the Ford 5.0-liter is a great platform. It has 412 horsepower to begin with, but our group was able to coax out another 113 horsepower with the ROUSHcharger. The 2011 ROUSH 5XR runs fast, sounds great, and is another amazing addition to the ROUSH Mustang heritage," said Jack Roush, motorsports legend and chairman of ROUSH Enterprises.

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Core Components

  • ROUSHcharged 5.0L Powertrain System (525 hp / 465 ft-lb)Includes intake manifolds, intercooler & radiator, air induction system and ROUSH calibrated ECM
  • ROUSH Suspension SystemFront Struts, Rear Shocks, Front and Rear Springs, Front Sway Bar and Rear Sway Bar, and Pinion Snubbers
  • ROUSH Billet Upper Grille with R BadgeRemoves stock GT fog lamps
  • ROUSH Front Fascia with Driving Lamps
  • ROUSH Front Chin Spoiler
  • ROUSH Side Rocker Splitters
  • ROUSH Rear Valance
  • ROUSH Rear Decklid Spoiler
  • ROUSH Exhaust KitDealer installed post sale
  • ROUSH 20-Inch Cast Chrome Wheels With Cooper RS3 Tires
  • ROUSH 5XR Unique Graphics Package
  • ROUSH White Face Gauges
  • ROUSH 5XR Rear Decklid Emblem
  • ROUSH 6-Speed Shifter Ball
  • ROUSH 5XR Dome Badge
  • ROUSH Front Windshield Banner
  • ROUSH Embroidered Floor Mats
  • ROUSH Center Console Badge/Button
  • ROUSH 5XR Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
  • ROUSH Performance PedalsAvailable for both automatic and manual transmissions
  • ROUSH Supplemental Owners Guide
  • Letter of Authenticity Signed by Jack Roush

Optional Components

  • Big Brake KitConsists of 14-Inch two-piece slotted front rotors, factory size slotted rear rotors, four-piston red front calipers and red painted factory rear calipers.
  • ROUSH Rear Quarter Window LouversFor coupe only
  • ROUSH Trunk Mounted Tool Kit
  • ROUSH Vent Pod With Boost Gauge
  • ROUSH Illuminated Door Sill PlatesRequires ambient lighting option
  • ROUSH Sport Leather Seating
  • ROUSH Lower Billet Grille3 bar grille fits into lower section of ROUSH front
  • Locking Lug Nuts
  • ROUSH Convertible Light BarFor convertible only

40 Years and Counting

The storied history of ROUSH Performance began over 40 years ago with the founding of Jack Roush Performance Engineering, and we’re still growing.